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BP Difference

What is The Ballpark Difference? Training vs. Practicing.

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As a Dad of a Division 1 baseball player, it has been a long journey through club, travel, high school baseball, showcases, practicing and training at the Ballpark. Through this first season of college baseball, I have had the time to reflect what I would have changed had I the opportunity to do it all over again. Simply put spend more time and resources in training and development earlier and less on gadgets. The purchase of equipment makes us parents feel good but does not necessarily translate making your son or daughter better into a better player. There comes a point in their journey in which they will need professional help and techniques that are modern in order to remain competitive.

In other words, invest in them…not things.

What we as parents learned about playing baseball has been improved dramatically and is continuously changing. The internet has improved the timing and access to information. Physical training was not even in the equation and now it is probably one of the most critical enablers in improving your child’s competitive posture. So, unless you are on top of the latest in baseball hitting, fielding and physical development invest in a professional to develop your child capabilities and the earlier the better ( golf lessons, DAD…really). This does not mean that you do not practice with your child, of course not why be a DAD then, but it does mean is that when you do practice you are doing it the right way because of the investment in training that both of you have made.

Ron and his facility do a great job of staying current on key trends in baseball and how to communicate them effectively to players of all ages. They articulate the why and how and incorporate them into each training session. If you are really serious, listen, watch and encourage your child to train and not just practice. They simply need to train on the right thing before they can consistently practice… a subtle but BIG difference.  Train the Ballpark way and make a big difference in your child’s success.

– Jorge Machado


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At The Ballpark, we pride ourselves on creating a positive environment that offers players the opportunity to work with experienced instructors. Using advanced training tools and technology within the confines of our state of the art facility. These factors, along with our emphasis on providing exceptional customer service, is what differentiates The Ballpark as the premier baseball and softball training facility in the Chicagoland area.

Exceptional Customer Service

The customer experience is always important at The Ballpark. Our front desk staff will greet you by name and with a smile on their face every time you visit. Our facility attendants are available to help set up your training area and attend to any needs that you may have during your lesson or workout. We always welcome feedback and any suggestions that you may have to enhance your experience even more.

State of the Art Facility

The Ballpark was designed with the players’ needs in mind. The facility offers a well-lit, climate controlled, multi-functional training area that can accommodate all of your needs.

Professional Instructors

We believe that all great instruction starts with the quality of the people teaching it. The Ballpark prides itself on having an elite staff of professional instructors. Not only do they focus on developing baseball and softball skills, but building player confidence. We have specific programs tailored to all player levels with one goal of making advancements on and off the field. Our staff consists of current and former professional, collegiate athletes and coaches. They understand what it takes to improve your all-around game and are committed to your success.

Advanced Training Tools & Technology

From our Hack Attack pitching machines to our Video Analysis and V-FLEX Strike Recognition Training, The Ballpark offers the best in advanced training tools and technology to help take your game to the next level.


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